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Our Philosophy

Each child is a unique individual with rights for love, respect, and quality care. At RRC Early Childhood Centre lnc. we strive to provide care and early childhood education in a play based, inclusive environment that meets the needs of all children. 

Children should have optimal experiences for physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth. They should be encouraged to develop creativity, self-confidence, and a positive self-image. They should also have an opportunity to learn to make choices and decisions, to solve problems and to become independent, capable thinkers. 

Since children are active learners, they are entitled to a safe and stimulating environment where they can explore their surroundings. This ability to learn should be fostered so that learning, and growth are a fun process. 

Children proceed through levels of development at various rates and therefore childcare staff, in addition to being warm, loving individuals, must be knowledgeable of child development as well as have practical experiences. 

Since parents play the most important role in their child's life, it is critical that parents not only spend quality time with their child at home, but when possible, in the childcare Centre. Parents are always welcome, and we want you to feel comfortable and a part of our program. We want to work in partnership with parents and see families grow together. 

We believe that all children in our care should feel they are an important, respected member of our group and we welcome children of all abilities. We value caring, empathy, and understanding and strive to develop these virtues in every individual in our program. We feel that each child should be able to participate in a meaningful way to the best of their ability in our program. This means that we will take into consideration and make every reasonable effort to meet the needs of each individual and that we may need to make adaptations or provide additional support for a child to fully participate. In some cases, this may mean an additional staff person will be available, although all staff will actively work with and support all children. 

When we are planning our activities and routines, we get to know and observe the children in our care. This helps us to determine their interests and their abilities. We work with parents and other professionals to create developmentally appropriate goals. The goals for all children at RRC Early Childhood Centre are met through large and small group activities that build on and expand on a child's strengths and abilities. On rare occasions, these goals are best met through one-on-one interaction or outside of the playroom. 

We value collaboration and will work at developing trusting relationships with all parents. We will work in partnership with them and others, developing communication strategies that work for each individual situation. We welcome all community resources that are available to us and fit with our beliefs. We are committed to learning more about various disabilities and inclusion and encourage our staff to include this in their annual professional development.

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