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Our Centre

We are a non-profit organization that provides quality child care in the RRC Polytech community since 1975.

Our Centre is licensed for 53 children from eighteen months to five years of age. The children are in mixed age, family style care for most of the day. Our primary goal is to offer high quality childcare in an enriched learning environment. We strive to offer a warm and comforting place where children can be actively encouraged to explore, interact, and experiment while they develop life skills and expand their knowledge. 

Every child is a unique individual with rights for love, respect, and quality care. We offer a play-based program where children choose from experiences that support physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth. Children are active learners, so every attempt is made to have them learn through decision-making and problem solving.

We also provide support to our families as they pursue their post-secondary education and training or pursue their careers and grow as a family.

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